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You really are the Jainna to my Skilgannon and yet you have no idea of it. Olek Skilgannon loved her more than anything in his life, two lifetimes infact. Jainna loved him, but also loved power, and ruling her kingdom with an iron fist, in the end power won her heart that day.

Without everything He did for her she would have died as a teen, never growing an army strong enough to take back her kingdom. She owed her life and more to his actions and reckless love for her.

Leading her armies to victory in her name time and time again he became just as famous as she did, his skills were legendary.

And through all this their love still stood strong, albeit off to the side. Skilgannon always held hopes that once her kingdom was reclaimed that they could be together again, and he would be happy. But Jainna still loved the power more.

The day he was prophesised to die in battle against his nemesis was the day he also found out she loved power and much more than she ever loved him, as without him fighting that day the prophesy claimed a loss on the feild of battle. She pleaded to him not to fight, but in her eyes he could see she was terrified of loosing the conquest more than loosing her beloved.

So he fought, and by some freak chance survived.
the fighting continued untill he was ordered to take his army and butcher an entire city of civilians, obeying her orders like a loyal pup he proceded to march his forces into a city of some six thousand populace and cut them down like animals. He had no need to bloody his swords in her name that day himself, but he did. With his love for her in  his mind.

He left her service and all the riches and glory of being her powerful General behind and ran away. for 30 years not a day went by when he didnt think of her constantly, his love for her never changing once. They never saw each other during that time, but he still loved her jsut as much as when they had been young.
Till the day he heard she had died. And his heart felt like it had died with her, the colour drained from the sky, all food devoid of taste. Just knowing she was no longer sharing the same planet as him left him feeling empty and hollow inside.
She was gone from him forever.

His Jainna.

You, are my Jainna...
er... I have no idea why I wrote this. but it has no jester in it!
Fallennight4 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
wewh no jesters!
Helkaon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Doesn't apply to this so much. But the jester's always lurking jsut around the corner.
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October 23, 2012
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